StreetWell will:

  1. Create the legal structure, tech platforms, and policy & procedure templates for the first Impact Real Estate Portfolio’s (“IREP”)

  2. Acquire, renovate, and generate performance and returns from the first rounds of real estate properties in targeted cities

  3. Work with communities and founding shareholders to charter the first IREPs

  4. Transfer properties acquired to IREPs

  5. Act as a servicing corporation for IREP’s going forward:

    • Liaise with corporate and governmental  asset holders for the acquisition of new inventory

    • Provide property management services

    • Provide advocacy support

    • Provide and/or run accounting, finance and tech platforms

    • Support coordination with local program non-profits, and provide channel to those c3’s and large philanthropies

StreetWell will initiate and carry out the role of the IREPs in the beginning, but will not be the ultimate IREP.

The IREP’s and the financial risks and rewards of the IREP’s should be wholly owned, governed, by the people:

  • Tenants

  • Employees of commercial tenants

  • Employees of companies contracted to support IREP

  • Community activists & volunteers

  • Employees of supporting c3’s

  • Public workers working and/or living in IREP communities (police, EMT, teachers, postal workers, parks&rec, public works and sanitation)

Once formed, the IREP’s may avail themselves to (contract) all, some or none of StreetWell’s services


Restoring Distressed Souls through the Work of Restoring Distressed Homes.

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